Italy-Africa Summit: Gambian Vice President Advocates for Global Solidarity and Investment

ROME, January 29th, 2024 - The Italy-Africa Summit witnessed a gathering of over forty African leaders and representatives from 29 international institutions, including His Excellency Mohammed B.S Jallow, the Vice President of The Gambia. Held under the theme "A bridge for common growth," the summit provided a platform for diplomatic dialogues and discussions on crucial global issues.

The Gambian delegation, led by Vice President Jallow, included key figures such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Momodou Tangara, Minister of Interior, Siaka Sonko, and other distinguished officials. Despite President Adama Barrow's absence due to national commitments, Vice President Jallow conveyed warm greetings and appreciation for the fruitful summit.

Addressing global challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, conflicts, and climate change, Vice President Jallow emphasized the imperative of increased global solidarity and partnership. He shed light on The Gambia's Green-Recovery Focused National Development Plan 2023 – 2027, calling for innovative financing, debt relief, and sustainability arrangements to tackle pressing issues.

Highlighting investment opportunities in energy, agriculture, and infrastructure in The Gambia, Vice President Jallow invited investors to explore incentives through special investment certificates. He stressed the importance of creating enabling conditions for trade, development, and investments, applauding the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) as a transformative step towards boosting Intra-African Trade.

On the migration issue, Vice President Jallow acknowledged its complexity and called for comprehensive solutions addressing root causes such as poverty, climate change, and lack of opportunities. He welcomed Italy's decision to open safe migration routes through circular migration flow (decree 45), citing it as a positive opportunity for Gambian youths to pursue safe and orderly migration by training and working in Italy.

In a side meeting, the Gambian Delegation, under Vice President Jallow's leadership, engaged in a bilateral discussion with the Italian Minister of Interior, Matteo Piantedosi. The talks focused on addressing the critical challenge of irregular migration in Africa, particularly within the Gambia. Both parties underscored their commitment to finding sustainable solutions and reflected on the strong ties between the nations.

The Gambia government, steadfast in its dedication, reassures its commitment to resolving the complex issue of irregular migration. Vice President Jallow expressed gratitude for the summit, highlighting the importance of mutual cooperation for an integrated, prosperous, and peaceful Africa.