Vice President Jallow Opens Stakeholder Work Sessions on the 2023/24 U.S Department of State Trafficking in Persons Questionnaire

In a momentous gathering of key stakeholders, His Excellency Mohammed B.S Jallow, Vice President of The Gambia, inaugurated the Stakeholder Work Sessions addressing the 2023/2024 U.S. Department of State Trafficking in Persons (TIP) questionnaire. Held over two days from January 3rd to 4th, 2024, at the prestigious Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara Conference Centre in Bijilo, the event was organized by the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (NAATIP), under the theme "Addressing 2023 Trafficking in Persons Reporting Questionnaire."

Vice President Jallow, in his address, reaffirmed The Gambia's unwavering commitment to combating human trafficking, expressing the government's dedication to allocating resources for anti-trafficking efforts and supporting policy development in this domain.

The ultimate goal is to have The Gambia ranked at tier 1. This is a work in progress and this government is committed to the Journey. This goal is attainable," declared Vice President Jallow.

He highlighted the significant strides made by the government in recent years, citing successful prosecutions and convictions of human trafficking perpetrators. The Vice President commended the dedicated efforts of NAATIP and law enforcement agencies, emphasizing the government's commitment to protecting the vulnerable and ensuring justice.

Vice President Jallow stressed the global nature of human trafficking and the need for international cooperation, thanking the U.S. Department of State and the broader international community for their steadfast support.

"Human trafficking knows no borders; it is a global challenge that demands a united response," he remarked. "Our collaboration with other nations and organizations has facilitated the exchange of best practices, intelligence, and resources, strengthening our collective ability to combat this transnational crime."

The opening ceremony also featured impactful speeches by the Honorable Minister of Justice, the U.S Ambassador to The Gambia, the UN Resident Coordinator, and the Executive Director of NAATIP, who all reaffirmed their commitment to the fight against Human Trafficking. Moreover, the event attracted a distinguished audience, including Permanent Secretaries, Service Chiefs, Department Heads, Development partners, Civil society representatives, the Media, and more.

Throughout the program, participants actively engaged in technical working groups, focusing on the 2023/24 TIP Reporting Questionnaire. The collective efforts showcased The Gambia's dedication to addressing human trafficking and its commitment to international collaboration in the fight against this crucial issue.